27 Jun

Success Story – June 27


Posted by: Mike Hattim

Today’s Success Story: 23 year old client buying his first home called me last week in a panic because he was just told by his bank that they cannot honour his approval because they are unable to accept the income confirmation he provided.  With 1 week to work I was able to get him approved and closed TODAY.  I’m glad I was able to help!!……oh, and I also beat the rate 🙂  Congrats on your new home Kyle!!

20 Jun

News Article – Broker or Bank


Posted by: Mike Hattim

I was emailed this article this morning. And surprisingly enough it was on me! I work hard to make sure every person I meet that needs help gets the absolute best outcome so I’m very appreciative when my efforts are noticed. Thanks to all my partners I work with and all my clients who allow me to assist them on the path to mortgage freedom.


Deciding between a mortgage broker or bank can put a damper on your home buying excitement. Here are 5 simple reasons why using a mortgage broker instead of a bank when getting a mortgage is a better choice:

1. Because using a mortgage broker is an effective way of getting the best mortgage package without having to commit hours of your time searching and browsing online.  Also avoiding multiple credit checks by different banks quoting mortgage options, resulting in possibly damaging your credit score.

2. Because a seasoned mortgage broker will already have formed links, contacts, and relationships with a wide range of mortgage lenders and will help you avoid any income or credit pitfalls.

3. Because good mortgage brokers offer many mortgage programs from many lenders with lower wholesale rates compared to the limited higher priced products a bank could offer.

4. Because with banks, loan rules and lending guidelines seem to change by the day, so borrowers need plenty of guidance. A mortgage broker can guide you blindfolded!

5. Because a mortgage broker has a monetary incentive to provide you with the loan option best suited for your particular needs. An overworked bank employee has little or no incentive to offer advice on any program and often let’s you decide what is best.

If you’re looking for the best mortgage agent in the London area, you’re looking for Mike Hattim of Dominion Lending Centres/Forest City Funding. Whether you are first-time buyer or an experienced buyer with excellent credit, Dominion Lending Centres has access to the very best products and rates available across Canada. Give Mike Hattim a call… we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! 

17 Jun

Success Story – June 17


Posted by: Mike Hattim

Today’s success story: Clients called me over the weekend explaining to me that both TD and BMO declined them for the purchase of a home even though BMO had “pre-approved” them prior to putting in an offer. After going thru every detail of their finances, income and debts I was happy to give them an approval this afternoon with an interest rate slightly lower than BMO’s pre-approval.

12 Jun

Success Story – June 12


Posted by: Mike Hattim

Today’s success story: A struggling single mother, working 2 jobs, who was left with large amounts of debt from her ex-commonlaw was slowly falling behind on payments. I was able to refinance her home, pay off ALL her loans and credit cards, saving her almost $800/monthly! Also lowering her current mortgage rate from 4.54% to 2.99%. I’m very happy I was able to help her.